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Status of translations


Status of the various translations in WebCollab is as follows:

Brazilian Portuguesept-brUp to date
BulgarianbgUp to date
CatalancaTranslation need updating
ChinesezhTraditional Chinese updated
CzechcsUp to date
DanishdaTranslation needs updating
DutchnlUp to date
EnglishenUp to date
EsperantoeoUp to date
FrenchfrUp to date
GermandeUp to date
GreekdeTranslation needs updating
HungarianhuUp to date
ItalianitUp to date
JapanesejaUp to date
KoreankoTranslation needs updating
NorwegiannoUp to date
PolishplUp to date
PortugueseptUp to date
RussianruUp to date
SerbiansrUp to date
SlovakskTranslation needs updating
SlovenianslUp to date
SwedishseUp to date
SpanishesUp to date
TurkishtrUp to date

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